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The ITSOC Student Committee is looking for volunteers for the following positions. The duration of each position is specified along with a brief description of the responsibilities involved. [Please see the next page for more information on the committee]. If interested please e-mail Lalitha Sankar by July 31, 2008.

  1. Student Co-Chair: 1-2 year position
    1. Helps/collaborates with Event Coordinator and Membership Coordinator.
    2. Coordinates either Allerton or CISS event
  2. Event Coordinator: 2 year position
    1. Organization of the events, food orders, T-shirts, etc.
    2. Coordinates ISIT events
  3. Members-at-large (2 openings): 1-2 year position
    1. Helps with event coordination and other student committee issues
  4. Membership Development Chair: 2 year position or 1 yr. position with second yr. spent as Event Coordinator
    1. Recruitment of new student members for IT Society
    2. Recruitment of volunteers for events we hold
    3. Collaborates with Event Coordinator.
  5. Web Team (2 openings) : 2 year position:
    1. Contribute with web development activities that are Plone-based; collaborate with all officers in this task

Note: The volunteers in all positions will likely be involved in web updates as we migrate to the new Plone-based website (no experience necessary).