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If you would like to help us identify a good collection of papers on a specific topic that would be a good starting point for someone wanting to do research in a given area, we would very much welcome your input. Please send us an email.


Quantum Information Theory


Quantum Information Theory ArXiv

  • M. A. Nielsen, I. L. Chuang.
    Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 2000.

  • Renato Renner
    Security of Quantum Key Distribution
    PhD thesis, ETH Zurich, 2005.

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    Conjugate coding
    Sigact News, 15, 78-88, 1983.
    (Manuscript written circa 1970)

  • C. H. Bennett, Gilles Brassard
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    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computers, Systems & Signal Processing. 175-179. 1984.

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    Quantum cryptography based on Bell's theorem
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  • B. Schumacher
    Quantum coding
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  • P. W. Shor
    Scheme for reducing decoherence in quantum memory
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  • A. S. Holevo
    The capacity of quantum channel with general signal states
    IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory 44, 269, 1998.

  • B. Schumacher and M. Westmoreland
    Sending classical information via noisy quantum channels
    Phys. Rev. A 56, 131-138 (1997).

  • A. R. Calderbank, E. M Rains, P. W. Shor, N. J. A. Sloane
    Quantum Error Correction via Codes over GF(4)

Contributor: Juerg Wullschleger